CALL US for new and used equipment!!  We will deliver new equipment with 15 miles at no extra charge!

Important notes about all services:
Repair Service: Free Pick up and delviery within 15 mile radius | Pick up and Delivery 15+ miles= .60 /mile(Actual Mileage)
Payment: Check, Cash or PayPal

Tips and Specials.

Buy Fresh Fuel for that New Machine: New machine, new fuel, it is that simple.  Even if you purchased the gas just a couple weeks ago, pour it into your car, gry the can out and get fresh fuel. New equipment is run at the factory before shipping and 95% of what people bring us 2 days after purchase (which is fuel related) is not warranty.  Purchase Amsoil stabilizer from us and use it in your fuel all year round!  DO NOT USE STABIL (in my opinion) as we have found melting rubber gaskets in the carbs and fuel no better than if nothing were used at all (in my opinion).  These statements are here to serve you and I am directing you to save money and repair costs after 35 years in the business.  If you do not agree, that is ok and fair..  See you soon for that next carb rebuild as we do like to make money!

Prepare for storage as often as you wish: Install valves on your riding equipment or any machine that can accept them.  If you keep the carburator run dry, there will hardly ever be the need to service it.  Whay am I telling you this?? Because we service and support plenty of people who do not know this or have looked at our site before.  As our loyal customer, we want to support you and minimize your financial pain while doing the absolute best work for your neighbor, family and friends through referral.  Yes, you may forget and leave the fuel in all summer (or winter) and I just feel better knowing this statement was here and we tried to help.

Mulching Blades: Your mulching blade does 4x the work of a conventional side-discharge mower.  Mulching blades should be re-sharpened at least 2 times per/season in order to maintain a healthy lawn.  If you cut the grass and see a brown tint 3-4 days later as you look out over the yard, your blade is dull.  This is from the blade ripping vs. cutting and shreading the top of your lawn.  Call Mike's Outdoor Power Equipment for a mower service or stop in on Saturday between 9-12 for our quick lube service.  We change the oil while sharpening and balancing your blade while you wait!

Extended Warranties vs. Service Agreements: Warranties you purchase "extend" the manufacturers warranty once it expires.  Service Agreements usually cover everything including replacement of the equipment if found to be un-repairable during the term you purchase it.  Read the print before purchasing and do not rely on the cashiers explanation of what you are buying.  If considering any plan extension, get a copy of the document before you step in the check-out line and sit down to read it.  In line, you are pressured to select fast and may not be making a well informed decision.  There are also manufacturers agreements and store agreements to elect when you purchase.  Call the number on the form and ask them the questions like how the process works, what is covered, to what extent and where is the local service center!

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